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o crap

July 19, 2008

i can be expected to put my foot in my mouth from time to time, but rarely (i hope) do i stuff both my feet, the week old socks I’ve been wearing, and my sneakers in there.  Then instead of shutting up and climbing out of the hole i dug for myself, i decided to rolled my sleeves and plowed away some more.  Now I’m stuck here laying on the dirt looking up at the stars thinking (which i should never do) why is it i keep talking.  is it my unwavering desire to always be right?  is it my subconscious need to thoroughly and exhaustively explain myself even to the detriment of the situation?  or is it the simple fact that i like to hear myself talk?  Either way, im still here on the ground watching the ants crawl all over my legs.  Hopefully i havent fucked the situation so much that there’s no one out there ready to pull me out of this hole.


work out

July 1, 2008

Ballys has a free guest pass for 14 days, 24hr Fitness for 7 (you are lame 24 hr Fitness).  i have decided to make resolution (for this month) and start working out.  i’ll be trying to ride my bike (and metro) at least once a week, and will go to the gym twice a week and my meals will be kept in checked my by beloved girlfriend (whoot to weight watchers).  want me some abs and buff guns.

a few things

June 19, 2008

This is along overdue but, R.I.P. Tim Russert.  You will be miss

I miss traveling; even though they have not all been wonderful, some can’t even be consider remotely good.

Kobe is not Jordan.  I’m tired of comparison.  And though i’m just adding to the gluttony of the conversation, I still just want to make this clear.  The reason Jordan is Jordan, is also the reason why NO ONE will/can/should be consider as Jordan.  Kobe is Kobe.  Just like Magic is Magic.  Like Doctor J is Doctor J.  Lebron is Lebron.

And on the same note…the only reason people want to kick this dead horse is because the era of jordan and kobe was in our lifetime.  Imagine if Jack Nicklaus and Tiger were within a decade of each other.  Look at Federer and Sampras.  Think of Payton and Brady.  People will always compare, but when they do, they marginalize the achievement of the other.

i need to come up with a new design for my site.  no more cutesy kitsch graphic.  i want to go with something bold, abby, shinny.

tears for the lakers lost.  applauses to Rayray, KG, and Pirce, you guys deserve it.

i should watch “He Got Game” again.  Totally forgot what happens.

it’s late


June 9, 2008

I’m confused to why so many of my friends want the Lakers the lose the finals.

i have always like the Lakers, tho i dont have bumper stickers confessing my love for them spread across my car, or follow each and every game and know all the stats of every players, or even care to watch the news or highlight reels of them. i can say, by all measurable standards, they are my favorite team in the NBA and if possible, i want them to win every game they play. It’s quite obvious to see why i feel this way. i mean they are my home team, they have been since i can remember, my dad loved them, they’re a dynasty and who doesnt love winners.

but of course if you were raised somewhere else, our your family follows other team, or you have a favorite player elsewhere, i can see why the Lakers arent for you. However, my friends are none of these. like me, they were raised here, in southern california. They have been watching the Lakers since they were small and can remember the time they once rooted for them. But what happened? What made them into haters of their own home team? is it that they dislike kobe? sure his style and attitude can be repelling, but would you really root for some other team (to win the finals) simply because you dislike a certain player? do you not understand that every team in every generation will have that player you love to hate, but it should pale in comparison to the overall pride you should have for your team as a whole. Maybe its the fact that the other team has such a wonderful story and great players who deserve, after years of close calls, finally their chance to win the world companionship. OK. i see your point. i agree that they do deserve it. hell, if they did win, i’ll probably clap for them. But this doesnt change the fact that i am a lakers’ fan. and as mentioned…more so than any other team. hence, i WANT the lakers to win and not someone else.


June 14th

June 4, 2008

So I’m seriously thinking about joining the cause and doing something for a change with regards to The Co$. On June 14th, 2008, Anonymous will be holding another protest and damn if i dont want to get involve.

Years back when i first heard about the Co$ and its beliefs i didnt give it much thought. Sure it sounded stupid, but so does most of the religions out there. Even when stories of child abuse and political and corporate conspiracies were spreading, i just thought “Eh”. It wasn’t until i started working for a certain company that i started to see what makes them so evil.

You see, my boss at this particular company was a Scientologist. He has been for the past 20+ years. At fist i didnt think much about his encyclopedia of scientology books displayed permanently at his desk, or how he would spend (literally) hours a day trying to explain to me how the study of scientology made him a better person, and how it can make me one too. I listened intently, trying to give off the inkling of interest, after all, he was my boss. and after god knows how many hours i’ve wasted in his office, i can tell you 2 things i know for sure about scientology:

1) They repeat the hell out of their rhetoric that even though it’s false, they believe it to be true.

2) They see everyone else as “others,” and that they are the better of the two.

Sure these two things might just sound like the characteristics of a few of your friends, maybe it even sounds like you. But in the case of scientology, they made it into a religion. But unlike most other religions, you cannot question their teachings; in fact, there are no room for interpretations at all. Also, you have to pay for this religion. i mean c’mon, what religion do you know of that requires you to paid for being enlighten.


May 22, 2008

what does freedom of speech mean?  do we still have it?

i always thought that freedom of speech meant i can voice my opinion and objections in public w/o fear of prosecution.  Of course there are natural limits to this; i cant say something to start a riot, i cant spew hate, and i cant wrongly incriminate someone of a crime.  But if my views are reasonable, have merit, and are calmly stated, i should be able to say pretty much anything i want.  somehow though, it doesnt feel like i can.

ok bitch

May 6, 2008

So i’m calling a BJ’s ATV rental place with a couple questions regarding what come with the rental.  Instinctively, i first asked about the gas and whether the vehicles “comes with any?” (seems like a legitimate concern to have).  And my response was a confused then irritated “um, what, yeah.  of course it does”, and followed by an annoyed, “why would you be asking me this?”

Now, maybe my phrasing of the question was a bit odd.  perhaps i should have asked “Will the gas in the vehicle be free of charge?”, or better yet, “Is gas part of the rental fee?”.  Obviously, the vehicles will have gas in them, and obviously asking such an obvious question deserves such an impolite response.


May 2, 2008

ok haven’t wrote here in awhile. been busy with a couple of stuff at work, building my site, and just plain being lazy. so with that i give u my rant…

Myli Cyrus (i dont know how to spell her name and i dont care about her enough to look it up). I give her credit to disney. they have long been able to get young kids and their parents to spend stupid amounts of money on really useless, really unoriginal, really annoying things. they package it in a way that makes it fun, colorful, and most of all wholesome. Even with the scandal with that nude girl from High School Musical, the pregnant young Spares, and recently the image in Vanity Fair of a [again] nude Myli, it all still wont faze disney one bit. You may ask how can this happen…will thats simple. because when it’s all said and done, the notion of kids will be kid/people will do what they want to do stills holds up. in a week or two time people will write it off as “just one of those things” and disney will be on the move again. Looking to build any immature franchise.

the war in iraq sucks. i mean, ok, taking out Sadam, good. he was pretty evil and i didnt like him anyways. but now what do we have? we got al-qaeda in iraq, which wasnt there in the first place. we got Moqtada Al-Sadr and his militia, who i dont necessary agree with but can understand. we got bin-laden there in Pakistan, which we’re not going near. we got afghanistan and for what? hell if i know. we not putting enough money in there to do anything! and al-qaeda is now world wide. they have no central organization or head. we need to think smarter, more flexible, and SMARTER!

**side note**imaging our country was being invaded by another (not attacked, invaded!) They siege control of our government and started killing/imprison anyone who would stand up against them. in fact, just the suspicion of you being one of these people will warrant them to detain and imprison you. what do you do? do you oblige quietly and listen to these invaders? do you raise your hand and question the establishment? do you join a militia and retake what is your’s? is this when we finally see the importance of the 2nd amendment? is this when we finally know what it’s like to be weak but having to fight? now ok you can relax. it’s not us. but it is the iraqis. this war we made ourselves. now we’re trying to fix it. first with force, then with money. now we just dont know what to do. it’s sad really. though i criticize, point out the flaws, i still have no answer. this is a lot more complicating than any one person can comprehend. but that’s that point isn’t it. we all need to stop trying to fix a problem we dont even understand yet…because you know what, we might just fuck it up even more.

why the fuck is weed illegal? here are the facts: 1) weed harms your body just as much as cigarettes and alcohol and as addictive. 2) the notion that weed is a gateway drug is as idiotic as thinking that going to a recreational shotting range will lead to you trying to blow up a public building. 3) medical marijuana can be a godsend to people fighting arthritis, glaucoma, depression, and insomnia. 4) shit its legal in Amsterdam. 5) the money we would make from the legalization of it (tax revenue, jobs creation) would not only take away from the gangs and dug dealers, but would better support our nation.

i get confuse by barack. sometimes he seems like a confident man with a strong sense of who he is and what he believes in. other times, he contorts to what people what to him to say and how is should act. I dont like this “High road” campaign thing hes going for. Stop trying to be nice and (as some may say) be real! Dont defend what you said, elaborate on it (like he did with the speech on race issues in america). push back if need be. call that bitch out. how is her being a conic liar not hurting her as much as some guy u know making inflammatory remarks damaging you? i dont care even if he was your spiritual adviser…how the fuck does that matter? you denounced him in public already ok, but what i suggest was that you tell people what this man was and how you guys are friends/were friends. and like all friends you guys have disagreements. he keeps you grounded. listening to him make you realize who you are. and like all intelligent people, you can differentiate between what rhetoric is and what conversation is.

**another side note**Hilary, shut the fuck up. you lost. that’s rite…lost! not losing, but lost. dont bust a George Bush and lose the popular vote and try to win via [super]delegate votes. You know that’s what you’re doing rite?

Iron Man rocks! it’s one of those movie that makes you remember why you love movies so much. visual candy…yes. light hearted humor…on point. meta message…yup it’s there. it was a perfect summer movie, and since it’s the first one, lets hope it’s not setting the bar too high. go see it!

and im done….for now


March 25, 2008

i’ve been in troubled relationship for awhile now. it seems like all i do is give and give. i’m understanding, tolerant, and have unconditional love for her. i always come to her defense and tell people why she’s great. but recently…its been getting harder. This one way relationship has drained me so much. i still love her but im so tired. tired for all the constant bickering, the hypocrisy, of having my voice silence. i dont have freedom anymore to do what i want, go where i please, do as i see fit. i feel trap…and why? i have not done anything wrong. if someone can just tell her to please open up her eyes and go back to how she use to be; a warm, caring, loving country once again. then again…maybe i’ve been the one that’s been blind all this time.

please someone explain to me how…

March 17, 2008

1) CEO’s of supposedly troubled companies in troubled industries still manage to net ridiculous sums of money. we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars to one man when apparently the company is in billions of dollars of debt. people are losing jobs, the economy is suffocating, and yet it’s never ending.

2) Bush and Chaney have not been impeach yet? no need for explanations here.

3) I’m still waiting on that check from BDI, Ryan, and the government? i need some money!

4) I manage to snag up the prettiest most awesomely funny and cool chick in the world? cause between u and me…i dont deserve her.

5) though people are relatively smart (least the ones i’m around), how can it be that cumulatively, we’r all so stupid?