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July 23, 2008

Watchmen was definitely a good read but it didn’t quite lived up to my expectation.

the characters’ individual stories were unique and interesting, but once they all came together it was simply unrelatable and felt force.

the entirety of the book was dark and tense, except for the climax.

the insert pages gave clues at unlocking that mystery of the book, but it became unrelated and arbitrary.

the hidden villain…well was quite obvious. so obvious in fact, that no way it was him.

i can live with the heroes not having superpowers and rarely fighting, but c’mon! there were barely any conflicts at all.

there’s more but my head hurts from thinking about it too much…and thats a good thing about the book.



April 10, 2008

There’s something about the number 4 i’ve always liked. Maybe it’s the idea that 2+2, 2×2, 2^2, all equate to the same thing, that it’s somehow magical. Maybe it’s the fact that a square, the 2nd most perfect shape in the universe has 4 sides. No matter what it is, 4 was the number i chose to present my work. 4 tv sets, square, stacked to display movements. movements of growth, of life, and eventually of death. And though that energy will always be around, lost in space and time, i want to capture it for as long as i can. cage it in the bracket of linear time. present it in a way that is observable, understandable. for once it leaves my 4 sets, it is no longer ‘perfect’, or magical. it becomes real.

cute* miracles* my attempt at capturing what cant be capture. life, time, space. magic is an illusion. amazing and astounding, but in the end, fake. miracles can never be seen or explain, life time space. wild, crazy, unmeasurable. is not ‘perfect’, not 4 not 2. more like a circle. no beginning, no end, the most perfect shape. unattainable. maybe a 1, no maybe 0. maybe even more perfect. perfection is perfect, but perfect cannot to capture. settle with ‘perfect’-in reality simply ‘cute’, the most perfect we can make, see. perfection is the whole. we are simply observing a portion of it. a square in the circle. our view at the universe.