Painting disaster

This is ludicrous: The US refutes the notion of a timetable, even though it’s being suggested by the Iraqis themselves.

Now we’re not talking about immediate withdraw or even a “rigid timeline”. All they want is some sort of chronological framework to go about getting back their own country.

Imagine this, you want to paint your living room and so you asked a friend to come over and help (well in the case of the US it was more like the friend thought it was a good idea to paint the room and force his way into your house). Anyways, once he’s there, he’s screwing the whole thing up; there’s paint on the carpet, the lamp is broken, he stepped on the cats tail, hit u in the back of the head, and on top of that…he’s not even using the right color! Finally you ask him to leave, politely, and he refuses! He’s saying something about seeing this through to the end and making sure you’re happy, all while having no clue what he’s doing. Now what would you do in this situation?


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