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July 25, 2008

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July 24, 2008

So there are a lot of a’hooting and a’hollering over the “bailout” of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Both sides of the aisle disagreed with it but the moderate (and mostly left) felt that it was necessary to stabilize the market.  In the house hearing committee last week the mostly GOP side advocated that such explicits commitment to the the failing banks will endanger the public and cost billions if not trillions of dollars.  Personally I’m not a big fan of government intervention and over regulation but in this case i would i to say that backing up fannie and freddie is (as mentioned) necessary.  some points to consider:

1) the reason for fannie and freddie being in this mess in the first place is that they were extremely under-regulated.  Instead of having the proper capital needed to maintain a secured buffer in case turmoils in the market, they spent it on lobbyist to persuade politicians that they didnt need that buffer.

2)  the bill would require an independent regulator to oversee both fannie and freddie.

3)  400 million are going to communities to buy up foreclosed homes and help stabilize local markets.

4)  just a couple months ago with bear stearns was going under, the GOP noted that this company must not fail and support (funded) JP Morgan buy out if them.  They argued that if an entity so large and global failed, the world market will collapse.  Yet with fannie and freddie, whos wroth is 4000x that of bear, they turn a blind eye to that very same fact.


July 23, 2008

Watchmen was definitely a good read but it didn’t quite lived up to my expectation.

the characters’ individual stories were unique and interesting, but once they all came together it was simply unrelatable and felt force.

the entirety of the book was dark and tense, except for the climax.

the insert pages gave clues at unlocking that mystery of the book, but it became unrelated and arbitrary.

the hidden villain…well was quite obvious. so obvious in fact, that no way it was him.

i can live with the heroes not having superpowers and rarely fighting, but c’mon! there were barely any conflicts at all.

there’s more but my head hurts from thinking about it too much…and thats a good thing about the book.

o crap

July 19, 2008

i can be expected to put my foot in my mouth from time to time, but rarely (i hope) do i stuff both my feet, the week old socks I’ve been wearing, and my sneakers in there.  Then instead of shutting up and climbing out of the hole i dug for myself, i decided to rolled my sleeves and plowed away some more.  Now I’m stuck here laying on the dirt looking up at the stars thinking (which i should never do) why is it i keep talking.  is it my unwavering desire to always be right?  is it my subconscious need to thoroughly and exhaustively explain myself even to the detriment of the situation?  or is it the simple fact that i like to hear myself talk?  Either way, im still here on the ground watching the ants crawl all over my legs.  Hopefully i havent fucked the situation so much that there’s no one out there ready to pull me out of this hole.

Painting disaster

July 8, 2008

This is ludicrous: The US refutes the notion of a timetable, even though it’s being suggested by the Iraqis themselves.

Now we’re not talking about immediate withdraw or even a “rigid timeline”. All they want is some sort of chronological framework to go about getting back their own country.

Imagine this, you want to paint your living room and so you asked a friend to come over and help (well in the case of the US it was more like the friend thought it was a good idea to paint the room and force his way into your house). Anyways, once he’s there, he’s screwing the whole thing up; there’s paint on the carpet, the lamp is broken, he stepped on the cats tail, hit u in the back of the head, and on top of that…he’s not even using the right color! Finally you ask him to leave, politely, and he refuses! He’s saying something about seeing this through to the end and making sure you’re happy, all while having no clue what he’s doing. Now what would you do in this situation?

Bakersfield Man, Arrested for “Pussiness”

July 4, 2008

Yesterday night, a Bakersfield man was caught hiding in his basement while burglars were making off with his possessions.  When confronted by the police, the man confessed that he was too scared to approach the thieves and decided it would be safest if he hid in his basement.

As a result, police have no leads or clues on thieves and arrested the man for impeding an on-going case.  The man is claiming in his defense that he is the one pressing charges and should be released.  His trial is still pending.

Sgt. Adams, the arresting officer at the scene noted that the man was”quite hysterical and aggressively refusing to answer critical questions.”

Miles James, a neighbor of the defendant said that he did not expected this at all.  “We watch WWE together and go hunting every few months.  I can’t believe he’s such a pussy”.

In light of the court results of the Texas man, Joe Horn, law enforcement are cracking down on citizens who hesitate to protect their own home or property.  Thus leading to an increase in workload for the already depleted police force.


work out

July 1, 2008

Ballys has a free guest pass for 14 days, 24hr Fitness for 7 (you are lame 24 hr Fitness).  i have decided to make resolution (for this month) and start working out.  i’ll be trying to ride my bike (and metro) at least once a week, and will go to the gym twice a week and my meals will be kept in checked my by beloved girlfriend (whoot to weight watchers).  want me some abs and buff guns.