a few things

This is along overdue but, R.I.P. Tim Russert.  You will be miss

I miss traveling; even though they have not all been wonderful, some can’t even be consider remotely good.

Kobe is not Jordan.  I’m tired of comparison.  And though i’m just adding to the gluttony of the conversation, I still just want to make this clear.  The reason Jordan is Jordan, is also the reason why NO ONE will/can/should be consider as Jordan.  Kobe is Kobe.  Just like Magic is Magic.  Like Doctor J is Doctor J.  Lebron is Lebron.

And on the same note…the only reason people want to kick this dead horse is because the era of jordan and kobe was in our lifetime.  Imagine if Jack Nicklaus and Tiger were within a decade of each other.  Look at Federer and Sampras.  Think of Payton and Brady.  People will always compare, but when they do, they marginalize the achievement of the other.

i need to come up with a new design for my site.  no more cutesy kitsch graphic.  i want to go with something bold, abby, shinny.

tears for the lakers lost.  applauses to Rayray, KG, and Pirce, you guys deserve it.

i should watch “He Got Game” again.  Totally forgot what happens.

it’s late


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