I’m confused to why so many of my friends want the Lakers the lose the finals.

i have always like the Lakers, tho i dont have bumper stickers confessing my love for them spread across my car, or follow each and every game and know all the stats of every players, or even care to watch the news or highlight reels of them. i can say, by all measurable standards, they are my favorite team in the NBA and if possible, i want them to win every game they play. It’s quite obvious to see why i feel this way. i mean they are my home team, they have been since i can remember, my dad loved them, they’re a dynasty and who doesnt love winners.

but of course if you were raised somewhere else, our your family follows other team, or you have a favorite player elsewhere, i can see why the Lakers arent for you. However, my friends are none of these. like me, they were raised here, in southern california. They have been watching the Lakers since they were small and can remember the time they once rooted for them. But what happened? What made them into haters of their own home team? is it that they dislike kobe? sure his style and attitude can be repelling, but would you really root for some other team (to win the finals) simply because you dislike a certain player? do you not understand that every team in every generation will have that player you love to hate, but it should pale in comparison to the overall pride you should have for your team as a whole. Maybe its the fact that the other team has such a wonderful story and great players who deserve, after years of close calls, finally their chance to win the world companionship. OK. i see your point. i agree that they do deserve it. hell, if they did win, i’ll probably clap for them. But this doesnt change the fact that i am a lakers’ fan. and as mentioned…more so than any other team. hence, i WANT the lakers to win and not someone else.



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