Hillary, your a bitch

Hillary demands that the votes in Florida and Michigan to count.

Shes claiming that Obama does not care about these voters.

She blindly denies that she too agreed to take her name off the ballot but in fact didnt.

She is making her claim that w/o these 2 states, the democrats will lose the nomination.

She is relentless, and aim to get as close as she can to Obama’s delegate count.

She will take this all the way to the notional convention. There she will make this case:

“i have fucked up Obama so bad in Florida and Michigan that we will lose those states if you dont elect me as the nominee. the race is pretty close so people wont think anything is weird about me losing in every form of [legal] delegate count yet still winning the nomination. if you dont McCain will run away with this. C’mon!”


One Response to “Hillary, your a bitch”

  1. Moxi Says:

    you’re amazing

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