Free Education

education should be free (even colleges, universities, and some trade schools).

lets consider this simply fact; public schools k-12 is free (paid for my our taxes).  Of course, they’re not the greatest of institutions, nonetheless, it does help society and the general public become, by all intents purposes, better.  show me one person that disagrees with this fact and i will show you an idiot with no commonsense.

However, in the past a high school education was enough.  After achieving it, one can go into the work force, maintain a career, have a family, and retired with grace.  But what’s most important about getting a high school diploma then; is the knowledge you obtain to make you a better, more inform, social conscience person.

In those time, colleges and universities were considered “higher learning”.  they were places that didn’t settle with sufficiency, but places to be enlighten at.  These were institution where you find who you are and struggler to gain as much knowledge as you can.  However, those days have past, at least in the under graduate sense.  Speaking as a person that finished his under grad and is pondering the idea of graduate school, i know exactly what that means.

maybe its the generational gap, maybe it’s the decline of public education, maybe it’s the unrealistic sense of the world, but whatever’s the case, high school just doesn’t cut it anymore.  And in turn, undergraduate education isn’t what it use to be.

so here’s my proposal, make community colleges free, subsidize public state universities, and federally fund trades schools (specifically nursing and other medical care related field where we have a shortage of).  With this new principle, we will built a more intelligent society as a whole, and hopefully a more safe and profitable one.  The cost for this however will not be small.  It will take a lot of work, and a lot of money to implement.  But if one can quantify the gains we will achieve from it in the long run, i believe it’s worth it.

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