It’s becoming evident that i…am still very young.

do not get me wrong. i am neither immature nor juvenile. though i am only 24, i am also not talking about my age. What i do mean however, is that the idea of youth as it is associate with the obsession for figuring out who one is and how one can change the the world. And by this very point, i must, and can only call myself, young.

i read the news everyday and place myself in the situations of the subject. i ask myself, “how would i have acted? who was in the the right, the wrong?” i believe I’m a relatively smart, well-round, moral individual with a great commonsense, who can solve any problem, or at the very least, have the most intelligent point to make to the conversation. and this…is the down side of my youth, the part that i’m slowing trying to train.

Less stubbornness, more flexibility. less preaching, more conversation.

One Response to “It’s becoming evident that i…am still very young.”

  1. Moxi Says:

    Hopefully our babies get your skinny asian genes =/

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