i’ve been in troubled relationship for awhile now. it seems like all i do is give and give. i’m understanding, tolerant, and have unconditional love for her. i always come to her defense and tell people why she’s great. but recently…its been getting harder. This one way relationship has drained me so much. i still love her but im so tired. tired for all the constant bickering, the hypocrisy, of having my voice silence. i dont have freedom anymore to do what i want, go where i please, do as i see fit. i feel trap…and why? i have not done anything wrong. if someone can just tell her to please open up her eyes and go back to how she use to be; a warm, caring, loving country once again. then again…maybe i’ve been the one that’s been blind all this time.

One Response to “alligience”

  1. Moxi Says:

    kick her to the curb!

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