there’s a new show on E! entertainment television. It’s call “Pop Fiction” and it’s Pop Stupid. Here’s the premise of the show; celebs, tired of the paparazzi, decides to make up stories of their own and “Punk’d” the media!

ok…does anyone one else see the absurdness of this?

first off, if you want to get back at the media and have them stop hounding you, simple, stop being a dumbass and giving them tantalizing stories to cover.

secondly, you’re only feeding the fire. papoz dont care if your stories are real or fake. they’ll shoot whatever and sell it if they can. By the time a story is discover to be false, the photographers are already paid and the magazine already sold.

third…it’s a waste of time and not to mention, money. These celebrities, to fake the stories and get all the the media hype around it have to go out in public, be in disguis, and pretend as if they’re “secret agents”. It would have been a lot simpler to just anonymously phone TMZ.

because of all of this, i can only make one assumption about these celebrities that go on the show; they’re bored and they want attention (ok, two assumptions). I mean what other notion can be had from a show that its aim is for more celebrity empowerment.

One Response to “POP FICTION!”

  1. Moxi Says:

    i love your pop

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