bring it!

So i was watching “Real World/Road Rules: The Gauntlet” last night and before you start to make fun of me, know that i only do this for research purposes only. I am fascinated at the concept of gathering hot bod, short fuse, emotionally handicap 20-somethings together and give them free alcohol and minimal supervision. Then they must compete in moronic challenges where in the end of it all, they give out a ridiculous sum of money. Now i’m not here to judge the morality of all this, or even to criticize the corporations that are involve. I’m simply curious about one small information: “Is there a on-site therapist?”

If any of you have ever watched the show (or any others of the likes), you will notice that there are always some sort of a “confessional room” and on-site medics. But there never seem to be any therapist, psychiatric, or a priest anywhere around! i understand that these shows are all about escalating the drama, and from that standpoint, having the mentioned would not be good for business. but shouldn’t something be said about if a person ask for help, they should receive it?

Imagine a documentary about crack addicts, wait better yet, plain ol’ alcoholics. now for the film maker, it’s best for them to see and study the behaviors of their subjects. to observe how their mental and physical bodies begin to decline and it’s effects of the people around them. If a subject chooses to get clean, the film maker follows that process as well. They see if they can succeed and comment on their ordeal. The parallels between this and MTV’s The Gauntlet is the notion of the “Observer”. Someone that watches, comments on, but does not touch. this principle is fine by me. there can be a million shows like that and it would not bother me. What does yank my chains is that if a subject ASK for help, looks like they need it and wants it, then its the obligation of the observer to do something about it.  It seem like the majority of these kids need this help, and it doesn’t seem like MTV is gonna do anything about it.  Since the show is obviously edited maybe they do provide the necessary services, but somehow i doubt it.  but since i dont know, i’ll leave it at that.

All i hope is that they do have someone around that can help these kids once/if they’re ready for it.

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