Feb is a bad month

About 6 years ago i went to a local mall and got my cartilage pierced. It was a quick procedure, done with a small gun and cost about $15. However, i did not pay that. After the girl that plunged a hold in my ear told me that i was done and i can get off the stool, I remember walking faintly to the register. I did not make it. I felt my brain trying to escape my skull and i had to catch it before it does so. i turned around and stumbled to exit the store.

After this, it was all pretty black.

i don’t remember actually leaving the shop. i don’t remember blacking out. I didn’t feel a thing when i hit the tile floor or cranked my head and nose on the wall, or how i managed to sit up. All i remembered was a bright white flash that ran across by face, then a pool of blood that surrounded me. I don’t know how long i was out for or how long i’ve been sitting there. By the time i was up, my friend Nino was right next to me. He was getting his ear pierced too and was behind me the entire time. He saw me get pierced, attempted to make it to the register, and exited the store. He however, did not realized what was happening, and by the time he did…it was too late. To his defense, i didnt either. i dont blame him for anything. The only person i do blame, is myself.

Sitting on that hard floor all i did was get mad. get mad and spat blood. I didn’t care for the people that were walking by me, shocked at all the gore that was on the floor. All i did was shook my head, spat out more blood. It must of been at least 30 minuted before the paramedics came and hauled me off in stretcher. it was kinda interesting…i went through the secret back way of the mall (thru Macy), through an secret elevator, and rode on an ambulance. I think by now the pain was starting to hit, and definitely the shock. The whole time i was at the hospital was a dreadful blur.

I remember being in the ER, still upset at my predicament. I remember getting Novocaine injections, i hated them. The sound of those long sharp needles ripping through my skin makes me cringe. But what i hated more was that fact that i can no longer recognized my face. My bottom jaw had split in two and had been complete dislocated from its joints. My teeth, top and bottom, were smashed. They jutted every which way and cranked all over. Lastly, i also broke my nose and forehead. I think it took a couple of days to prep for my surgery. at that time, the only thing i remember doing was waiting. Waiting for all of it to be over.

Finally the day of my surgery. The method they make you do of counting backwards from ten was great. When i woke up it was finished. I started to get carted away when a cold chill hit me. I shook so hard i was about to fall off the gurney. The nurses began to surround me with pillows and blankets but that did little. i wanted to scream and cry so loud but i couldn’t. My head was warp up in bandages, preventing the stitches to rip open, and my jaw was wired shut. all i could do was make a low moaning sound to relieve this tension that wont let go of my body. i passed out again. It was about 2 months before i would come to.

At this time, i was able to out in public. The swelling had subside and i began to look normal again. Bare in mind i still had wires clamped shut on my jaws and i weighed a strapping 90lbs, i still looked ok. I was tired laying around at home annoyed at every other commercials and tv programs that come up showing food and people having fun. i was ready to go back to school again, see my friends, and enjoy a bit of life i use to had. Sure it was hard trying to talked to people, the actual mechanics of my talking was impossible of course, but on top of that, having to explain to everyone why i was in this situation. Concerts and hanging out at a restaurants was out of the questions, but who cared, i was at least moving around. I can be happy for that alone. It took a couple more months for me to open my month again, and few more to start eating solid foods. but i guess like any injuries, my jaw and teeth was never the same.

fast forward 3 years. I’m living a pretty normal life, doing everything i would be pretty much doing if i didn’t have that accident. Yeah i get paranoid when i fall sometimes, thinking that i might shatter my jaw again, and hear clicking with i chew. I still get pain from simple activities like talking and still cant bite into a crispy apple. but it’s ok. i can over look those things. But one morning, i woke up with pain around my left nostril. I noticed a slight swelling but dismissed it for a bug bite or something random. This continued for a few days and i was starting to lose feeling to the left side of my face. I began to get nauseous and weak and knew now that it was something more serious. I started doing research on my symptoms and found that it was probably due to a tooth abscess. What sold me on it was the line “Teeth Abscess may be cause by an infection of a damage tooth due to trauma”. the injuries i sustained when i broke my jaw lead me to another medical ordeal. I immediately saw a dentist who suggested i get a root canal and crown. since that day, i had a fake tooth. Most people dont notice it, but i do, but that was ok.

Now i wish the story would end there, and until a few day ago, it did. Recently, i started to notice pain and swelling coming from relatively the same area as the earlier incident. Knowing rite away that this was an abscess i went to see a dentist. I was hoping that all that was require would be drainage of the pus, and i would be ok. i was wrong. this diagnosis was much worst. The root canal that i earlier did to clear the abscess and save the tooth, failed. The infection escaped and ate away at my bone. It’s now trying to attack another tooth. I need to get an extraction, and a bridge. It seems this constant cycle of wars between me, my ego, my health, the fates, the germs, will never end. i’m so tired. i hate having to be afraid for my future. it’s already unsure as it is. i hope this is the last of this issue. but somehow, i feel that it will not be.

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  1. Moxi Says:

    New, happy, non-emo blog please!

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