another idea

Here’s a simple idea for all the studios, networks, producers, and writers that just saw the strike ended. why not release all you work free…online? Now now before you all get your panties in a bunch consider this, google, yahoo, myspace, facebook, youtube, paypal, etc are all free (for the most part) and they are all worth billions. How can they do this? simple…they know that it’s all about quantity. The more people that use their service, the greater they appeal to advertisers. To gain this they 1) must make it free, and if not free, then at least a small membership fee, and 2) post all their products online or thru other ventures. Now when i said “all” i dont just mean all the shows they have currently in production, shows that was on this week, last week, even last season. No i mean ALL their shows. Shit they have in the vault…old school shit…the good shit. I would love to watch Small Wonder or Out of This World again. And when i have kids, I want them to experience Bill Nye the Science Guy and Square One TV. Show like Gillian’s Island and I Love Lucy are classics and I am certain that if networks release these, their demographic will grow and so will their company.

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