here’s a few ideas

i still have no idea why these laws are not in effect:

1) Other than what i stated earlier about having votes done on more than one day and/or on a weekend to allowed for higher turn outs, how bout we have runoff voting. for those that don’t know what it is check this out, or for those more visual people…the youtube version. it just makes sense.

2) A tax allocation system base on the citizen not the government. This is somewhat already embedded within our democratic system. We elect our representatives who in turn decides where they want to put our money. There are also ballot and initiatives that citizens directly vote on. But it needs to go further than that, because as it is now, my tax money, is not going into ANYthing i wish. Not into healthcare, not into education, not into innovation. what it is going to…the WAR. fuck that shit. this new system will allow me to specifically tell the government what i want my tax dollars going into. Now im not talking about all of taxes, i know that i’m not the brightest bulb in the bunch and there may be other sectors i have yet to acknowledge…but that is way this system is perfect. there will be others with different priorities and that fine. because they can give their money to whatever case they chose. also, lobbyist now have to deal/bride the entire population, not just the handful of politicians. Furthermore, i’m only suggesting to do this with our income tax…our taxes on sales and exports are still up for grabs. for more info, check this out.

3) Staying on taxes, the cuts that have been issued, and the refunds that are coming to us…you can keep it. dont give me my own money and say it a gift. and done expect me to be spending it either…our country lifeline is not spending…it is innovation. We have been in debt for far too long and i do not see anyway it will change unless we do something different. one simple suggestion would be to take all that money that will be going to every tom, dick, and joe, and the tax cuts for the Donald, Xavier, and Gregory, and put it in a fund. with this fund…you will award people who show their geniuses, their innovations, and passions for the greater good of the world and GIVE THEM MONEY. for example: give the guy who pick up plastic bags on the street and depose of them properly like $5 a pound. Or the company that founded a new way to destroy those bags without using fossil fuel to pollute the atmosphere a contract with the government to do so nationwide. How about a simple plane ticket home for a missionary who’s been building schools in Africa? Or perhaps give a professor a grant for his in dept studying into African conflicts and how to ease them? This and many more things can be accomplishes if we (us and out government) would just think, or at least keep an open mind.

One Response to “here’s a few ideas”

  1. Moxi Says:

    You make me tingle….i just love your brraiiiin

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