i only wished i can. For those who know me, this might sound like a surprise but i do not vote, and have never. in fact, I’m not even register yet (to my disappointment). I’ve made the excuses of “my vote wont matter” and the notorious “the establishment fooled you into believing that you have a voice” argument. and tho i do believe that these assessments holds some trues…in general, i just did not feel motivated to do so. until 3 months ago.

The primary was just about to start and we were in a dawn of a new time. a time for change, but more importantly, a time for progress. Finally, a black man and a woman have a real chance of becoming the next president of these United States. My sense of patriotic duty heighten as we as citizens will finally join the racks of other nation that have fully and wholehearted welcomed equal opportunity for all gender and races. i was, and haven’t been for a very long time, proud to be an American. So i man up, and did my civictorial duty, and registered to vote…or so i thought.

There’s a big push for people to vote, one such movement is the Rock the Vote campaign that generally aims for the younger crowned, letting them know that “this is their country, and they can make a difference”. I bought in, hell i was rite in their target range (18-29). with my web savvy skillz and did all my registration on their site, and upon my completion, i waited for the mailed in portion to finish the process. i waited and waited. i know they said give it 6-10 weeks, so i did. I’ve been listening and reading intensively at the race, it becoming more neck and neck and neck so i thought to myself, “damn, maybe my one vote will count,” i was so please i can not express my gratitude for the democratic process into words.

fast forward a few more weeks and I’m still waiting for the damn mail. Feb 5th is coming and damn i want to vote! damn this all to hell. i give the LA registrar office a call asking if i can be expecting my form and/or ballot and/or finalization papers to come it. “Sorry sir we do not have you in our system” was what they had to said. “excuse me?” i replied. this went on for a few more minutes and it was getting nowhere. i finally asked if i can register now over the phone, or come in person to do this, but apparently, u can not register over that phone (paper only) and coming in person (with all the forms of ID in the world) will still not let me be able to vote on Feb 5th. i tried giving the other voter departments and multiple Rock the Vote offices a call and it was either a) same answer b) wrong number or c) a machine would hang up on me for no reason.

My questions:

why is it so hard to vote? not the kind of hard like 1960, but the kind of hard like scratching your back. It should be automatic, easy, efficient. people have already bled and died for this. and though i will just be consider a lazy ass that knows nothing about real struggle and didn’t get his shit together in time, im still speaking the truth. when it come down to it…i am a citizen, i can prove it, in person, i have a opinions about the candidates and issues that are on the ballot. LET ME VOTE! how screw up is it that it will take 2 months for someone to register over the mail because they have a family they need to take care of? how idiotic is it that with all legitimate and legal documentations proving i am who i say i am, i still cant vote if i presented it to your face on the day the voting take place? and on top of that…why the hell is it that the voting day always falls on a weekday? i have to fucken work retard! yeah it mandates companies to let u have time off, but seriously, do u not see the complications with this. have it on a weekend…shit have it going for more than just one day. why just one day huh? are u afraid a lot of ppl just might show up? same thing with if you were to change the process of registering?

this whole episode has refueled my cynicism for the our government, my worth, and people’s rights. I guess theres always the general.

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